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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) or female sexual dysfunction is a common condition commonly caused by negative emotions, the side effect of several medicines, or a pre-existing condition. Regardless of the reason, you're not alone. As many as 10 percent of adult women experience HSDD, and modern medicine isn't idly standing by. Flibanserin-based products, like Addyi, could be the perfect solution for you.

HSDD is called a condition, but in reality, it is a natural part of life, even if it is an unpleasant obstacle. Often you can overcome HSDD by making a few lifestyle changes, although those changes are typically easier said than done. Because HSDD is caused by a neurochemical imbalance, dealing with the causes of the irregularity could reverse to condition.

The first lifestyle change that could significantly impact your life is regular exercise. Aside from improving your body image, it raises your self-esteem and helps you deal with stress and depression. Through a healthy diet and exercise, you could gain a healthy body and mind, which is a significant factor. Added with a healthy flow of communication between you and your partner, you could overcome HSDD by yourself, but there's nothing wrong with needing a bit of help, in which case you can always turn to Flibanserin.

Benefits of Flibanserin

Flibanserin-based products have one primary goal, to help you re-establish a healthy sex life with your partner. Having a healthy sex life has a significant impact on your life for the better. Through frequent sex with your partner, you'll achieve much more than only feeling good. Setting time aside to be intimate with your partner naturally strengthens your bond and causes you to grow closer.

On top of that, a healthy sex life also has significant health benefits for both of you. An active sex life lowers blood pressure, decreases depression and anxiety while improving your immune system. At the same time, couples who have sex before bed experience an improved quality of sleep which also adds to overcoming stress. Additionally, relationships with a high-spirited sex life are lower risk of experiencing heart disease or cancer.

Flibanserin users often worry about picking up weight, but evidence shows the contrary. Although the treatment doesn't have any dietary ingredients, users often find themselves losing weight from increased bedroom activeness.

What Is Flibanserin Addyi?

Flibanserin is the main active ingredient in Addyi, which is a medication created specifically for treating HSDD. Women who have HSDD say that the idea of having sex fills them with dread, and they try to avoid it as much as possible, which causes friction with their partner. Women also report that they experience much pain during sex because of their inability to become adequately lubricated.

Sex shouldn't be a dutiful activity to satisfy your partner but instead, a euphoric experience leaving you both with a smile on your face. Flibanserin helps improve your sex drive and regain your ability to fantasise. Allowing your imagination to flow could help you break the habitual practice by spicing things up.

Creating a spontaneous sex life full of variety is essential to keep the magic alive. Once the magic dies, it becomes increasingly difficult to revive it, but at no point does it become impossible. Consult your doctor to confirm that you're eligible to use Flibanserin, as it could be the miracle drug you need.

Is Flibanserin the Same as Viagra?

Flibanserin is an active ingredient used in Addyi, while Viagra's active ingredient is sildenafil. Although there are many sildenafil-based products for women, Flibanserin (Addyi) is not one of them. Over 20 years ago, Viagra hit the shelves as medication created to facilitate an erection in men through increasing the blood flow throughout the body, including the penis, and some saw the potential in that.

In 2015 research was done regarding sildenafil's effect on women, and studies show that results and side effects are both remarkably similar. New Viagra for women products took to the sky by allowing women to overcome female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and improve the sexual experience because of the improved sensitivity caused by the increased blood flow.

Sildenafil is generally used for a single night, as its peak effects are shown for four to six hours, while Flibanserin is used as a more long-term solution for a more specific sexual condition. Flibanserin works very differently in comparison to sildenafil. It is not used to treat general FSAD but is used explicitly for HSDD.

How Does Flibanserin work?

Flibanserin is a 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptor modulator, one of the most complex biogenic amines. These drugs are capable of selectively stimulating or inhibiting the receptors in the brain. The medication can reduce or increase the productions of certain neurochemicals, which can fix chemical imbalances regardless of their cause.

Chemical imbalances in the brain do not develop overnight. As such, they aren't solved instantly either, even with the help of medicine. Flibanserin's Addyi aims explicitly to correct the imbalance of dopamine and norepinephrine. Both are the chemicals responsible for sexual excitement. While heightening those chemicals that boost sex drive, Flibanserin also lowers serotonin levels, a chemical that can reduce sex drive.

After restoring the neurochemical balance, users often report finding themselves regaining their fantasies and thinking about sex. Flibanserin can help you regain your excitement at the idea of being with your partner again, something they would surely appreciate. After all, everyone enjoys feeling wanted. The medicine doesn't affect your judgment in any way. On the contrary, restoring your chemical balance will allow you to make decisions with a clear mind.

How Long Does Flibanserin Last?

Flibanserin, used in Addyi, is commonly confused with Viagra for women, but the duration and function of the medicine are vastly different. After correcting the chemical imbalance in the brain, Flibanserin's effects can last for over a year, which can remain in effect longer by implementing healthy habits.

The effects of Flibanserin shouldn't be undone unless bad habits, which can cause the chemical imbalance, persist. After the treatment takes effect, you can further avoid getting HSDD again by using simple remedies that could help improve your sex drive.

Kegel exercises help increase blood flow in the genital area, supporting a healthy sex drive while speaking to your partner about likes and dislikes can make you sexually more compatible. Limiting alcohol intake while quitting drugs and smoking habits would help sustain a much healthier body. Regular exercise and other relaxing activities like meditation and breathing exercises will help improve sleep quality which helps reduce stress levels which has a massive mental impact.

Other treatments which can help improve your sex drive include masturbation and exploring pornography. Although these seem like unorthodox treatments, stimulating the imagination and fantasising shouldn't be underestimated when attaining a healthy desire for passion.

Flibanserin Side Effects

One of the common reason's women drop Flibanserin-based products, like Addyi, is the side effects. Although the side effects aren't all that severe, they are very uncomfortable and are incredibly potent during the first few doses. After overcoming the initial side effects and adjusting Flibanserin, these effects will become increasingly mild until they disappear entirely.

The common side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth

Do not use Flibanserin if you have any liver-related problems before consulting your doctor. Through the assistance of your doctor, you could adequately prepare yourself before committing to any Flibanserin-based products. There could be a need for dietary changes, and you might already be on a medicine that can interact with the treatment.

Many medicines, like antibiotics and treatments for cardiovascular conditions, react with Flibanserin, which is why you should consult your doctor first. Other drugs that react with Flibanserin include HIV medication, antidepressants and medicine that treat fungal infections. For a more in-depth list of side effects, causes and interactions between different treatments, check out the patient information leaflet available on our website.

Flibanserin Reviews

The internet is a fantastic platform that has become a focal point in life. It's used to transfer information, allows people to communicate over massive distances and is used for entertainment. Among its many uses, one of its functions, further developed in recent years, is its online shopping ability.

Covid-19 created many obstacles since 2019, and the internet played a massive part in overcoming them. Working from home, at-home workout routines, and online shopping have made survival possible during the most recent plague. Among its online shopping options is the ability to order medication online without needing a prescription and have it delivered to your front door contact-free.

As impressive as that options sounds, it does come with risks. Faulty and counterfeit goods are not uncommon on the internet, but fortunately, avoiding sites that supply them is easy. The reviews and comment sections are the voice and tales of previous users. By looking at the reviews, you have a pretty good idea of how well received a medicine is. While looking at the comment section, you can listen to their stories and get a more in-depth understanding of their complaints and praise.

Flibanserin Dosage Advice

Take your Flibanserin-based product once a day, every day, just before going to sleep for eight weeks. In case of missing a night, do not double dose to catch up. Skip the missed dose and continue as per usual by taking a single pill that night before bed.

Taking the treatment before bed and not in the middle of the day is vital because of the side effects. The side effects aren't severe, but they make it difficult to function at maximum capacity during the day. Taking it before bed can help you avoid the uncomfortable side effects by being unconscious while they are active. Taking it before bed also takes advantage of the sleepiness side effect, which allows you to restore your sex drive while the medicine helps you sleep.

Before You Buy Flibanserin in UK

Before internet shopping became so popular and user-friendly, the only way to attain medication was through the process of personally collecting your medicine which had a few requirements before you could do so. The first step is making a doctor's appointment, which could be challenging because of busy schedules, followed by you putting time aside to be present for the consultation.

After getting your prescription, written in the unreadable doctor's hand, you need to go to the pharmacy, which is somehow never empty. Everyone inside is there for their own reason, and each feel like everyone's eyes are on them. Although treating HSDD to enrich your relationship is a noble goal, it's understandable if you're left with a red face after making eye contact with the pharmacist and asking for medicine of a sexual nature.

In comparison, it just makes sense to get your take advantage of online shopping after ensuring you're eligible for the Flibanserin. Buy online, and you can enjoy the included benefits of the discounts, which further sweeten the deal.

Where Can I Buy Flibanserin in UK?

Now you know just about everything regarding the incredible ingredient used in the well-known Addyi. All that's left to do is make the leap and buy your treatment through our website, After you reach our homepage, you'll see all the products we stock. From there, navigate your mouse to Addyi, which contains Flibanserin, for sale UK. By clicking on the product, it will take you through to the purchase page.

From here, you can select how many you'd like to buy. At this point, you might notice that the prices tag doesn't match the amount bought. The odd price is because we provide excellent discounts based on the amount you buy, including massive discounts for bulk purchases. Next, hit checkout and select your ideal payment method. We accept Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

After your transaction is complete, you can expect an email containing proof of payment, estimated delivery date and the discreet descriptor name that will reflect on your bank statement for your privacy. We have a fully staffed customer support centre that can assist with any inquiries regarding our fast UK to UK delivery services. From the moment you partner with us, you have all our support in helping you regain your passion.

Place an order and take the first step in revitalising your sex life now!

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