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Erectile Dysfunction

The 21st century has seen a steady decline in the sexual health of men around the world. This is reflected in the latest research that estimates that over 300 million worldwide suffer from or have previously experienced erectile dysfunction (ED). When thinking about this condition, most would argue that it is more of an older mans issue, however this condition is also known to affect younger men. Studies go as far as to suggest that this unpleasant condition is experienced by around one third of men between the age of 20 and 40.

It was once believed that erectile dysfunction was caused by emotional issues such as anxiety. However, there is now considerable evidence that these unpleasant symptoms are caused not only by these factors, but also by physical health conditions. Mainly conditions that limit blood flow to the genitals. The discovery of sildenafil citrate marked the beginning of the first oral medication which enhances blood flow in the genital area, allowing for stronger erections. This treatment has proved to be an effective treatment for ED. These advancements in medicine have enabled certain medications to be developed which can assist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as the creation of the iconic Viagra.

Aside from the effectiveness of the various pharmaceutical treatments available, there is no guaranteed erectile dysfunction cure. However, there are other various known methods that one could incorporate into their daily lives that could help aid in the battle against ED. In this article we will provide all the necessary information regarding this devastating condition, as well as the various ways to go about treating it. Giving men around the world the know-how on regaining the sexual satisfaction they deserve.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Firstly, it is important to know and recognize what the erectile dysfunction symptoms could be before deciding to purchase any medications. Erectile dysfunction is known by many as the difficulty getting or maintaining a strong enough erection that lasts long enough for the duration of satisfying sexual intercourse. Men affected by this condition often get negatively impacted even in their daily lives, as it increases stress, low self-esteem, and could also cause relationship problems.

Knowing what the signs of erectile dysfunction are assists in the diagnosis of this condition and helps patients to understand how and when to go about looking for treatment. The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  • The ability to only at certain times be able to achieve an erection, considered to be a mild form as it does not happen often
  • The ability to achieve an erection, although not being able to maintain the erection long enough for satisfying sexual intercourse, considered to be a moderate form
  • A complete inability to achieve an erection with sexual stimulation, therefor unable to successfully have sexual intercourse at all, considered to be a severe form of erectile dysfunction

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Although the exact cause of erectile dysfunction is not known, there are multiple factors that could cause ED. The most commonly known causes of this condition are obesity, increased age, diabetes, stress, depression, anxiety, or cardiovascular disease. Although most often the main reasons for this condition are when a man has limited or no blood flowing to the genitals, or when nerves located in the genitals have been damaged.

There are other erectile dysfunction causes such as psychological conditions that could even be affecting erectile function. It could also stem from the combination of these issues, one example is a minor physical condition that has slowed overall sexual response, thus creating feelings of anxiousness regarding the power of the erection. It is known that men suffering from this condition are often nervous or embarrassed to talk about these issues. There are fortunately various effective methods and medications specifically developed to aid in the fight against erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

More common than other, oral pharmaceutical treatments are the most preferred way to go about treating this devastating condition. Thanks to the advancements in medicine, men have been given a few trusted and effective treatments specifically designed to aid in the battle against erectile dysfunction. However, these medications only work to restore erectile function and do not produce an erection on their own. Therefore, initial sexual stimulation will be required to experience the therapeutic benefits of these medications. Below are the various kinds of treatments available here at our online website:

  • Tadalafil: Known commonly as the brand name Cialis, this amazing medication for those suffering from erectile dysfunction is one if not the most popular on the market. Whereas not only praiseworthy of its effectiveness, but also for its extended 36-hour duration time. Which is significantly longer when compared to traditional ED treatments.
  • Vardenafil: Known to work the exact same way as the famous Viagra, this medicine however was developed especially for its safety profile when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. More commonly known as the branded Levitra, this medicine has the same chemical structure as its branded counterpart, however it is more potent. Thus, a lower dose is needed, greatly reducing the risk of experiencing any side-effects.
  • Sildenafil: Known globally as the branded name Viagra, this medicine was the very first oral treatment developed for the safe and effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. In almost every case, those who take sildenafil-based medication have reported successful results in the ability to get and sustain an erection for satisfying sexual intercourse.

The oral treatments mentioned above have all been tested and approved by many, and sought after by millions of men around the world. With the numerous user reviews and experiences, most patients taking these medicines report experiencing amazing results in the treatment of ED. Thankfully there is a variety of proven and effective erectile dysfunction treatments, which include these pharmaceutical treatments, simple behavioral techniques, and even dietary changes that could be implemented into day-to-day life.

However, the most effective choice of treatments would be erectile dysfunction drugs, which are the more preferred and recommended treatment. It is important to remember that it will take some time looking for the right treatment, or even a combination of treatments that would work best for you. The progress in self-help methods such as exercises, and even specific foods that could aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Foods

One method known to aid on the fight against ED are dietary changes, similar to exercises that are known to also increase blood flow to the genitals and improve erectile function. When a healthy diet is maintained, it may also aid in the improvement of overall sexual health in men with erectile dysfunction, in unison to overall health. There has been one specific diet that has been researched and proven to be an effective solution in the battle against ED. The Mediterranean diet, which typically consists of a variety of healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, olive oil, seafood and whole grains. From extensive trials conducted, this diet has proven to be an effective way to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Apart from this specific diet, there are other food that can be incorporated into your diet which are known to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Some of these foods include but are not limited to:

  • Oatmeal
  • Watermelon
  • Fish
  • Pistachios
  • Chili peppers

The above mentioned and even more are commonly known foods which can help men deal with their erectile dysfunction by promoting relaxation and improved blood-flow to the genitals, which in turn allows for stronger and more powerful erections. When incorporating these foods into your diet, not only can you benefit from the therapeutical effects of doing so, but also from the overall health benefits that comes with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

For those who are looking for even more alternative ways aside from dietary changes to treat erectile dysfunction, they will be happy to know that there are physical exercises that are known to aid in the battle against this condition. Whereas research has shown that these are effective in treating mild to moderate ED. These exercises noy only assist in the treatment of ED, but also improve the individuals overall cardiovascular health and promote a healthier lifestyle.

The most commonly known exercise is known to be Kegel exercises, where those practicing this have often boasted about its effectiveness. When practiced correctly, this exercise strengthens and improves the muscles located in the pelvic area. Patients thinking about starting such a routine should note that results will not be seen immediately, as with any exercise, it will take time to tone and strengthen the muscle group targeted by the exercise. Therefore, those looking for positive results are advised to follow a strict six-week exercise routine of Kegels before expecting any results.

Other exercises which are also known to aid in the fight against the devastation of erectile dysfunction are aerobic exercises, such as rowing, cycling, boxing and running. When maintaining a rigorous exercise regime of up to four days a week, for at least six months, with at least the duration of 40-minutes per exercise session, patients are able to see positive results in their search for an effective ED treatment. Whereas studies have found that these exercises have proven to be an effective alternative to treat this condition.

When persistently keeping with any selected treatment, most often patients have reported their conditions to be improving. Although these exercises are well-known for their effectiveness when it comes to treating ED, there is no guarantee these will work for everyone. Therefore, it is always important to note that the most preferred method of treatment is in the infamous erectile dysfunction pills.

Before You Buy Erectile Dysfunction Medication

The world of pharmaceuticals has helped so many people around the globe with many of their health concerns, without the advancements of medicine overall most would be at a total loss about how to go about treating any of their conditions. This industry is constantly on the rise, whereas the market has grown significantly over the past two decades, with statistics showing that the global pharma market totaled over 1.2-trillion USD in the year 2020. Thanks to trusted online platforms such as our online pharmacy, it has never been easier to get top-quality erectile dysfunction medicine prescription and consultation free without having to leave your home.

Our delivery service not only provides fast deliveries, but also total discretion, ensuring that orders are delivered in regular unbranded packaging to avoid attracting any attention. Together with providing the very best when it comes down to erectile dysfunction treatments prescription and consultation free, our numerous user reviews provide assurance and credibility regarding the quality and effectiveness of the chosen medicine.

For more information or quick answers to any questions customers can get in touch with our 24/7 customer support team.

Where to Buy Erectile Dysfunction Tablets in Europe

For those in dire need of erectile dysfunction tablets, we have the solution for you right here! At our website we offer various medications designed to aid in the battle against ED. From pills, chewable tablets, and even oral jellies, we have something to suit every palate. Our safe and secure payment options include VISA, MasterCard, Bank transfer and Bitcoin, ensuring our customers are 100% protected at all times. Making sure all private information remains exactly that, private.

When choosing to purchase from our online pharmacy, we offer our customers a variety of exclusive benefits. These including being able to buy your choice of erectile dysfunction medication without a prescription or appointment, fast Europe to Europe home delivery, discount on bulk ordering and total discretion every step of the way. From how your order is packaged, to the name that will appear on your statement there will be no indication that medication has been purchased.

The medicines available on our website are all proven to be effective and trusted for their quality, helping change the lives of millions of men around the globe. Order from our website today and experience the wonders of ED medication for yourself.

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