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Disclaimer Policy

There are instances in which users of our website cannot hold us legally liable. It is therefore imperative that all users of our website familiarise themselves with our disclaimer policy. This is the latest version and revised modifications may follow on an ongoing basis. Users of the website have a duty to ensure that they peruse all updated policy documents due to the binding nature of our policies.

Who Is Bound by The Terms of the Disclaimer Policy?

Any visitor to our online pharmacy website is bound by this disclaimer. When accessing our website, users are granted the opportunity to consent to the terms and conditions of use as well as our use of cookies. However, even if a user elects not to consent to the aforementioned, by continuing to use our website, the user is offering implied consent to our terms and conditions of use. Our policies are therefore binding on all users of our website, whether or not they have provided their consent.

Limited Liability

Users who frequent and purchase medication from our website should note that we cannot be held liable for the following:

  • In the event that a user of our website has suffered loss or damages arising out of the use of our website. For instance, if your computer is infected with a virus whilst using our website, we cannot be held liable for any loss suffered (including the cost of debugging or "cleaning" your device).
  • In the event that a user of our website suffered loss or damage in consequence of using medication purchased from our online pharmacy. This means that if a user hasan adverse reaction to medication purchased from our website, we cannot be held liable for the cost of medical attention, additional medication or any other damages that might be incurred. Medication is purchased from our website entirely at your own risk. We do not warrant that the medication sold on our website is effective or safe for every patient to use.
  • We cannot be held liable in the event that the medication purchased from our online pharmacy did not work (refer to our returns and refunds page for information on the type of purchases that can be returned).
  • In addition, we cannot be held liable for any inaccurate information that may appear on our website or any information that is outdated, erroneous or has any omissions.
  • The information provided on our website is provided exclusively to inform potential users aboutthe medication. This information relates to what the medication can be used for, minor side effects that may present and the benefits of using the medication. The information cannot be used as a substitute for medical advice. In the event that the information is used for the purpose of self-diagnosis and treatment, the online pharmacy cannot be held liable. Users are encouraged to first seek medical attention and thereafter purchase medication from our online platform based on medical advice.
  • There may be times when users may not be able to access our website, such as when the website is undergoing maintenance. We are not obliged to provide users of the website with prior notice as to when the website will not be available or the reasons for the website being inaccessible. Further, users of our website cannot hold us liable for any losses or damages suffered on account of not being able to access the online pharmacy website.

Questions or Queries

For further information or to forwardany questions, please correspond with our customer care department.

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